Bemer and Energy Enhancement System (EES) Sessions – Quantum Healing Center of NH Bemer and Energy Enhancement System (EES) Sessions – Quantum Healing Center of NH


Bemer and Energy Enhancement System (EES) Sessions

PEMF-Bemer Magnetic Therapy

is a FDA registered class II Medical Device. The PEMF-Bemer is a bio-physical proven application that activates the body’s own powers of self-healing. A unique bio-rhythmic impulse is sent to body where it stimulates the micro-circulation without any known side effects. The PEMF-Bemer can enhance blood flow, nutrient and oxygen supply, body waste disposal concentration and mental acuity, physical fitness, cardio function, endurance, energy, stress reduction, better sleep management and greater relaxation.

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The EESystem™

The EESystem™ generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves” which can allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, reduce inflammation, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate mood, & assist in balancing right & left hemispheres of the brain to increase energy levels.

The effects of sitting in this “charged” field are cumulative. The more you are exposed, the more your body can move toward a healthy millivolt level. The body begins to rejuvenate itself and initiates a powerful process of self-healing. EESystem™ provides the ideal “frequency bath” and the body responds with its innate wisdom, recalibrating to homeostasis.

EESystem™ sessions are booked on the hour in a group setting room with gravity chairs and state-of-the-art air purification, where a person can recline and relax.  Dim lights (outside of the machines) and ambient music will set the tone to fully surrender and let go.

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May 28 2024


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Quantum Healing Center of NH


Elizabeth Foley, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Foley, Ph.D.

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